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Good News.

August 23, 2012

I was having a particularly boring day at work today. Ignoring my phone most of the afternoon because let’s face it, nobody ever texts me while I’m at work. Except for today. I decided to check my phone and I had a message from my dear friend Angela. She was texting to let me know that she’d found a great deal on airfare and she’d decided to come and visit me again. I admit that I made absolutely no attempt to talk her out of it. I also admit that when she finally declared that she bought the tickets, I may or may not have done a little happy dance in the bakery. Okay, so I totally did.

It’s only going to be for a couple of days, but I’m beyond thrilled.

Here are some photos from our family vacation to Eureka Springs last month.

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That’s all for now. I’ll write again soon. Maybe.


Catching up with myself.

October 19, 2010

The past 12 days have been a complete blur. After spending 4 days in the hospital, I feel like I’m 4 days behind on my own life. (which means today would be friday. Awesome.) And I guess that feeling is a little hard to describe. It’s not like my 4 days in hospital were unproductive. I brought my beautiful baby girl into the world and I’m head over heels for her. I don’t know how you can love someone you just met so much, but you can. I worked on recovering from the c-section, had visitors, started walking again. I hated being stuck in bed but all in all my hospital stay was the complete polar opposite of my experience with James.

Since coming home, I’ve been working on getting myself back to normal. It’s going to take longer for some things than for other. For example, getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I believe I’m sentenced to a holiday season in stretch pants. wah wah. I’ll have to resist the temptation to succumb to the holiday eats i’ll inevitably be surrounded by. I digress. I still have a pile of thank you cards for my baby shower that are unmailed. I have dozens of emails that I need to return. I probably have a few important phone calls I’ve forgotten to make. My concept of time has been completely disrupted. I can’t completely blame this on my hospital stay. I’ve been doing my best to adjust to being a mother of two. Juggling a 3 year old and a newborn so far hasn’t been as difficult as i expected but my physical state over the next month or so will prove to be an obstacle.

I have my good days and my bad days. Today has been kind of a bad day so far. I feel like the interrupted sleep and the various other postpartum processes may have caught up with me. But I take pleasure in the small things. My kids napping at the same time means i get some Me Time that doesn’t occur in the wee hours of the morning. Curling up with Lucinda in the recliner and nodding off for 5 minutes. Having tickle fights with James. Cuddling up with my husband in the middle of the night when Lucinda goes back to sleep. Being able to sleep on my stomach. Every day I inch closer to feeling like myself again and less like a science project.

And one day I will wake up and I will recognize myself in the mirror again. But for now, I think I’ll be fine being a big zero.

mommy and lu

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Rainy Day version.

September 7, 2010


I was up half of the night (re: 2:47 am to 4:34am) because I was so hopelessly uncomfortable. Were I not nine months pregnant, it would be easier to relieve what ailed me. Take a fistful of different stomach discomfort relievers and call it a night. But no. At this juncture I am left with no options but to sit up in bed, cross my fingers and hope like hell I burp or something. Pregnancy is super awesome. Over the course of the two hours, I was eventually relieved enough (or exhausted enough) to go back to sleep. The next time I woke was 6:15am. DH was already out of bed which meant I could rearrange all pillows and take over the entirety of the bed.


A combination of the pouring rain and my son muttering to himself in his room is what woke me. Can I say I love when it rains like this in the morning on my days off? The sky stays dark and the pitter patter of the rainfall keeps my toddler asleep longer than usual. Which means I get to sleep longer. Which means that even though I’ll have a headache later from sleeping too long, I don’t really care.

Does anyone want to wash my dishes? No? Just checking.

I’m wearing James’ favorite pajamas. Before you think I wrestled myself into a pair of size 3t pajamas with sharks on them, I’m referring to my own pajamas that have baked goods on them. He loves to point out the cookies and cupcakes and ice cream. “Mmmm. Ice cream! Delicious!” He’ll say as he rubs his belly and licks his lips. Okay the first time he licked his lips, I had no idea what he was doing. Clumsy and awkward? thy name is toddler.

Speaking of toddler. Last…thursday? James managed to get into my bedroom while I was in the bathroom (and I’m always in the bathroom these days) and while I was in there, I guess James helped himself to the very last 3 tums in the bottle on my bedside table. I didn’t find out until hours later, when I discovered the empty bottle behind my bedroom door. All I could do was knit my brows together and do my best not to laugh. Am I basically admitting I’m a bad mom? No. I have a reason for stifling laughter. You see, when I came out of the bathroom, I fetched James out of my room and we went to the living room. I thought I saw something in his mouth. So I asked him. James, what’s in your mouth? His reply?

“Teeth, mommy.”

How could I argue with that?

I brought the empty bottle with me to the computer and consulted my trusty friend Google. It turns out that my son is definitely not the first toddler to get his hands on tums and he definitely won’t be the last. After reading about many other experiences with toddlers and tums and phone calls to poison control, I determined that three tums in my mammoth toddler would be nothing more than a blip on his stomach’s radar. Especially considering hours passed, along with 2 soiled diapers, a snack, and 2 drinks of water.

If this is the worst thing he ever gets into, I would call that a success.

When I was a toddler, I drank a bottle of floor wax. It’s why I’m so bright and shiny. And demented.

The point of the matter though, is that I was cursing my inability to have eyes in the back of my head at about 3:01am this morning. “Dammit. If I was a better mother and had made sure my bedroom door was closed all the way, I might still have some tums and maybe that would make my stomach feel better.”

I really brought it on myself, yet again.

What has your child gotten into when your back was turned for a second? What did YOU get into when your parent’s backs were turned?

ADDENDUM: I found James playing with my cell phone. It was about to send some kind of mass photo message of James’ foot. I asked for my phone back and he gave it up without a fight. I noticed I’d received about 5 text messages. From my mother. In a panic. Evidently, James had sent her 2 text messages. One read “O” and the other read “T”. She was concerned this was my very shorthanded and insane way of informing her I’d gone into labor. Oh James, you’ve done it again.

Wordless Wednesday: Before and After.

September 1, 2010



friendly reminders.

August 6, 2010


After a bit of a long and frustrating day, James gave mommy a kiss while having a picnic at the park.

Wordless Wednesday: The Turtle Club

June 9, 2010


Wordless Wednesday: Cousins

February 24, 2010



Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Baby!

January 28, 2010


Happy Birthday, little man!

Wordless Wednesday…The Pumpkin Patch!

November 4, 2009









Not that I like to say “I Told You So”

October 19, 2009

Okay. I’ll admit. I circled around wordpress every day since I posted that dumb little meme but I really felt like I had nothing to say. Nothing to talk about. Nothing that warranted me opening up this dumb text box and pouring my heart out.

But now I do.

Back to that in a minute. I really do want to apologize for leaving all three of my readers with nothing. No tidbits of information about my life, my son, my work day, my insanity. It’s all still here waiting for you. Once I get back into the swing of things. You see, I haven’t actually been at work since the 9th of october. That weekend, I was wrapped up in a baby shower cake for L’s eldest daughter. I wanted to slit my wrists but I decided against it if only because I could just picture my husband finding me on the kitchen floor and proclaiming “….and who…is going to clean this up?!” I jest. He would be sad to see me go. Sunday the 11th I attended a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration where I won a big bottle of Crown Royal Reserve. Yeah baby! Happy Thanksgiving to me!

Monday morning at 8:00am I went to the dentist and had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. I opted only for local anesthetic so I was completely awake and aware of what was going on. My husband says that makes me a trooper. I just don’t like the mental fog of being put under.
“Is this real life?”
“why is this happening to me?”

For the record, the worst part of the whole ordeal was having gauze in my mouth for the rest of the day. It’s insult to injury, people!
I enjoyed the relief the vicodin brought me until tuesday morning when I woke up with a severe case of the spins. All I wanted to do was puke and pass out at the same time. Probably not good for being home alone with my son. I called the dentist (after hugging the toilet for 10 minutes) and asked, or rather, begged for them to tell me it was okay to try to switch to otc medication. It was, and after a little while, I felt much better.
Wednesday I tried out my first Zumba class and I had a great time.
I haven’t yet mentioned that on tuesday afternoon, the city started unannounced repairs on the sidewalk corners in front of my house. We live on a corner lot so the corner of the sidewalk is right outside our bedroom window. every morning at 7:00am they would wake me with jackhammers. How fitting. As if I didn’t already have a headache. Thursday was Robert’s birthday, Friday was our “birthday date” which naturally didn’t go according to plan. We stayed up late and I took comfort in the fact that I could sleep in on Saturday.
until some asshole showed up with his jackhammer at 7:00am. On saturday. FML.

But my vacation was good. I spent a week strengthening the relationship with my son and it paid off. Today was our last day before I go back to work. I was surprised to have today off as well but I was grateful. We went to a relative’s third birthday party. It was a pretty big party. They had it at the church hall. I had let James out of his stroller to explore a little bit. He started getting more and more brave. He wandered in the direction of the cake table and I knew I had to take action. I went and picked him up and brought him back to the table. I then tried to restrict how far he could go by the age old trick of hanging on to the waistband of his pants. Robert said “Let him go! Let him play!” I pointed to the cake table and said “The first place he will go is over there and stick his hands right in that cake” “No he won’t.” “Yes he will” “He wants to go play with the other kids.” “Okay.”
I stood from my chair as soon as I let go of James and chased him over to the cake table where I managed to grab his hands before he stuck his palms into the cake. I brought him back to his daddy and said “I told you. Pass me that napkin so I can wipe his hands. You’re on James duty now.”

Not that I like to say I told you so. Because I was still that crazy lady who let her kid poke his fingers in the cake.