Random Tuesday Thoughts: Rainy Day version.


I was up half of the night (re: 2:47 am to 4:34am) because I was so hopelessly uncomfortable. Were I not nine months pregnant, it would be easier to relieve what ailed me. Take a fistful of different stomach discomfort relievers and call it a night. But no. At this juncture I am left with no options but to sit up in bed, cross my fingers and hope like hell I burp or something. Pregnancy is super awesome. Over the course of the two hours, I was eventually relieved enough (or exhausted enough) to go back to sleep. The next time I woke was 6:15am. DH was already out of bed which meant I could rearrange all pillows and take over the entirety of the bed.


A combination of the pouring rain and my son muttering to himself in his room is what woke me. Can I say I love when it rains like this in the morning on my days off? The sky stays dark and the pitter patter of the rainfall keeps my toddler asleep longer than usual. Which means I get to sleep longer. Which means that even though I’ll have a headache later from sleeping too long, I don’t really care.

Does anyone want to wash my dishes? No? Just checking.

I’m wearing James’ favorite pajamas. Before you think I wrestled myself into a pair of size 3t pajamas with sharks on them, I’m referring to my own pajamas that have baked goods on them. He loves to point out the cookies and cupcakes and ice cream. “Mmmm. Ice cream! Delicious!” He’ll say as he rubs his belly and licks his lips. Okay the first time he licked his lips, I had no idea what he was doing. Clumsy and awkward? thy name is toddler.

Speaking of toddler. Last…thursday? James managed to get into my bedroom while I was in the bathroom (and I’m always in the bathroom these days) and while I was in there, I guess James helped himself to the very last 3 tums in the bottle on my bedside table. I didn’t find out until hours later, when I discovered the empty bottle behind my bedroom door. All I could do was knit my brows together and do my best not to laugh. Am I basically admitting I’m a bad mom? No. I have a reason for stifling laughter. You see, when I came out of the bathroom, I fetched James out of my room and we went to the living room. I thought I saw something in his mouth. So I asked him. James, what’s in your mouth? His reply?

“Teeth, mommy.”

How could I argue with that?

I brought the empty bottle with me to the computer and consulted my trusty friend Google. It turns out that my son is definitely not the first toddler to get his hands on tums and he definitely won’t be the last. After reading about many other experiences with toddlers and tums and phone calls to poison control, I determined that three tums in my mammoth toddler would be nothing more than a blip on his stomach’s radar. Especially considering hours passed, along with 2 soiled diapers, a snack, and 2 drinks of water.

If this is the worst thing he ever gets into, I would call that a success.

When I was a toddler, I drank a bottle of floor wax. It’s why I’m so bright and shiny. And demented.

The point of the matter though, is that I was cursing my inability to have eyes in the back of my head at about 3:01am this morning. “Dammit. If I was a better mother and had made sure my bedroom door was closed all the way, I might still have some tums and maybe that would make my stomach feel better.”

I really brought it on myself, yet again.

What has your child gotten into when your back was turned for a second? What did YOU get into when your parent’s backs were turned?

ADDENDUM: I found James playing with my cell phone. It was about to send some kind of mass photo message of James’ foot. I asked for my phone back and he gave it up without a fight. I noticed I’d received about 5 text messages. From my mother. In a panic. Evidently, James had sent her 2 text messages. One read “O” and the other read “T”. She was concerned this was my very shorthanded and insane way of informing her I’d gone into labor. Oh James, you’ve done it again.


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6 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Rainy Day version.”

  1. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    “When I was a toddler, I drank a bottle of floor wax. It’s why I’m so bright and shiny. And demented.”

    OMG, I love you. Seriously. HA!

    My mom was house-sitting while my grandparents went to Hawaii. I was… a baby, but old enough to be using one of those (now illegal – damn, I’m old) walkers. Grandmother left Johnson’s baby shampoo in a little Tupperware glass (my “usual” glass) on the side of the tub. I walked my chubby butt into the bathroom, grabbed the cup, and took a swig. Mom couldn’t figure out at first why bubbles were coming out of my mouth when I cried… 😉

    • leighish29 Says:

      Oh my word. I fear for the stories the grandparents have yet to tell me.

      I know DH once, while playing with James, lifted him up high and stuck my baby’s head right into the ceiling fan. Thud thud thud. 😉

  2. Lu Says:

    HAHAHA! he is something! I love it. The text messages to your mom are the best.
    Um, when I had surgery #1 my mom was here and he ate some prescription steroid butt cream, but he’s fine. Dude he is so large it would take massive amounts apparently. Heh.
    He is such a picky eater I haven’t had much trouble with him trying to eat random things. HAHAHA!

  3. Michael Says:

    We had a little moment like that, sort of. Except it involved the police.

    True story.

    Getting ready for church. Dad and boy are ready, Mommy is not. Boy, about 1 1/2, picks up phone and starts dialing numbers. Dad, alertly, depresses reciever so that calls do not go out. (13 years ago-princess phone.) Boy continues to dial happily.

    Cut to: 10 minutes later. Loud, insistent knock at door. Dad opens door, police come in. They got a 911 call, which they had to follow up on even though no one spoke into the phone. My wife emerges still half dressed.

    Police tense up. “Are you OK, Ma’am?”

    We explain that it was the toddler, everyone laughs, we go about our business.

    That’s how Boy almost got Daddy arrested!

  4. Caity Says:

    Teeth, mommy! That is hilarious. I love that kid.
    I can’t believe he sent text messages, too! Pretty smart!

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