I’m officially a member of…

…the “Worst Mommy Ever” club!

James has reached a point in his speech where he can clearly and concisely ask me for the things he wants and needs. “Mommy, Juice please?” “Mommy, Cheerios please?” “Mommy, Blanket fort please?”
But sometimes he’ll regress to pointing and whining. Pointing and whining drives me bonkers not only because I don’t know what he wants, but because he possesses the ability to ask properly but is just choosing not to.

When James busts out the “point and whine” method, Robert and I do our best to correct him. The most effective way seems to be just to tell him we don’t understand. This doesn’t always work. About 40% of the time, James descends even further into the whining. Such was the case early this afternoon. James had just finished a snack of cheerios and it was only a matter of time before he asked for juice. Right on cue, he ran to the gate blocking off the kitchen and started in on pointing and whining. I asked him what he wanted. He pointed and whined.
What do you want, James?
point and whine.
Mommy doesn’t understand pointing and whining, you need to tell me what it is that you want!
Point! And! Whine!
Do you want a drink of water?
What do you want?
You want some coffee?
*ceasefire* Yes please!
You can’t have coffee, silly!
*runs to his room and throws a tantrum*

Later, when he finished with his tantrum, he reappeared at the kitchen gate and asked “Mommy, coffee please?”

I brought this on myself, didn’t I?


4 Responses to “I’m officially a member of…”

  1. Michael Says:

    I’m sorry. I have just recieved the results of a detailed scientific poll taken inside my house which reveals that my wife and I are currently the Worst Parents Who Ever Lived. So you can’t claim to being the worst mommy ever.

    It’s a poll. That proves it.

    Did you do the right thing? Does he have all four limbs still attached? Then yes. My boy is 14, and I assure you, there were days- hell, weeks- where I would weigh the pros and cons of dropping him out a window.

    The only reason I don’t think about that to this day is because I can’t lift him anymore.

    You will have dozens- hundreds- of little defeats like this. But you love him too much to stop trying.

  2. That Kind Of Girl Says:

    Hee! Kids are adorable! When I was younger, I constantly begged my mother to try coffee. Finally, when I was eight, she gave me a little cup of strong black coffee at a church function. And the treatment worked: not only did I never ask again, but I couldn’t even bring myself to try the stuff again for fifteen years!

  3. themommytsunami (angel) Says:

    oh. my. god. this? is pure awesome. and by pure awesome i mean total hell, but it’s awesome that i now officially know that your son and twin a are like the same person.

    and i’m not the only one going through this. (yay for not being alone?!??!)


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