Life and what comes after.

One of the things Robert and I have continually been putting off is making a legal will.

Bad us, bad.

We don’t really want to do it because it’s so morbid to think about. We’re positive, optimistic people. Clearly we’re going to live forever.

I guess the most important thing is who would become guardian of the kids. And we haven’t quite figured that out yet.  We have several options but so far nobody really takes the lead for one reason or another.  It’s frustrating to think about and yet we know it would be even more frustrating if something happened to us and our wishes were not laid out.

On a lighter note, Rob has recently informed me of the song he wants played at his funeral.

Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini

His logic is that hearing the delightful melody will keep people from being sad and remember his quirky sense of humor.

And I started to cry bittersweet tears. Because it made perfect sense. After all, our song is Rock Lobster by The B-52s.

So I guess whoever gets the kids has to be a weirdo like us.  Not sure we’ll ever find that person, but we’ll keep trying.

What criteria did you/would you use to determine who gets guardianship of your children?



4 Responses to “Life and what comes after.”

  1. rizob Says:

    Can you imagine Baby Elephant Walk playing in the funeral home? Go ahead… just picture it. It’s fantastic!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Aw. If need be I will drop everything and come live down there. And I bet my mom would come to. God mom in spirit and action over here. :3

    But it’s best to be optimistic about these things.

    I love the song choice.

  3. Alexandra Says:

    Interesting, we were doing the same thing this past week. always hard to think about and choose. We have also been putting it off… and my aunt is a lawyer, so I really have no excuses! As far as choosing someone – we picked someone with the same priorities as us as well as same principles in upbringing our children and giving them the love of travel that we so want our kids to have. Also what helped us in the choice was picking someone who was financially stable, someone who could take on two extra mouths to feed and college tuitions to save for…. It is hard to think of these matters and make choices, but just think should something ever happen, the peace you will have in knowing everything is taken care of and the kids are in good hands… good luck…

  4. Caity Says:

    I think we will put it off for the same reason.
    By the way that song is amazing.

    It’s just such a horrible thing to think about.

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