To this day I still can’t believe they pulled it off.

Here I was, at work, and the love of my life walks in. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I did both. I formally introduced him to my friends, my mom, and my co-workers. Turns out Robert said absolutely nothing on the way over. My shy guy. I turned around and found out Twyla was secretly filming the whole thing. And yes, plans proceeded to be made for the evening, although they seemed to have been planned beforehand anyway. We went to Cathleen’s house for a bbq. As it turns out, I was having another birthday party. Cake and all.

Unlike previous entries where I’ve been able to recall every feeling I had, this one has been different. I was so deliriously happy and surprised at the whole thing that every time I looked at him sitting there in my room, or in my friend’s car, or at the kitchen table, I had to do a double take. I’m still not entirely convinced I didn’t dream the whole thing. It seemed too… corny. Too cheesy. Too good to be true. So this time, all I really remember are moments. In no particular order…

I remember sitting on a park bench at night, looking up at the stars.
I remember teaching him how to dance under the streetlights.
Singing In The Aeroplane Over The Sea as we walked hand in hand by the riverbank
Arguing about orange juice. (which we still do)
Making funny faces in all the pictures taken of us.
Cooking brunch and almost burning the bacon
Sleeping beside him in my bed when he “accidentally” fell asleep in my bed. (Sorry mom, it wasn’t an accident.)
Introducing him to my grandma.
The feeling that I’d finally gotten something right in my life.
Not wanting to let go of him when it was time for him to leave again.
The way he murmured in my ear that he loved me and he would be back in two weeks.

And I was okay.

But my bed sure seemed lonely that night.

Two weeks… Two weeks… Two weeks…

I could handle two weeks. I handled 19 years. I could handle two weeks.

At least now I had more than one photo of us together.

(May 29th, 2005)



6 Responses to “eleven”

  1. becauseweseperate Says:

    Cryyyyyyyyyyyyy. So sweet!!!!!!!! These posts are the highlights of my day, for real. Also – what’s the argument? I’m a fan of pulp free, John only likes it with pulp.

    • leighish29 Says:

      SEE YOU AND I ARE ON THE SAME PAGE whereas robert likes it so thick with pulp you have to chew it!!!

  2. Caity Says:

    Soooooooooo cute. ❤

  3. rizob2 Says:

    In that photo I’m inflating my chin-sack as I do my mating call.

  4. nadine Says:

    definitely low pulp or pulp free. juice is meant to be drank, not chewed!

  5. Stacy Says:

    ❤ I remember that. I rode in Andrew's car on the way back to your place, and it took forever to get out of the parking lot.

    Robert asked us about those road squirrels when we were driving him from the airport down Circle.

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