How I Married Myself, Part Six.

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I feel like a total asshole.

The initial purpose of this trip to Dallas was so Cathleen (who was away at school so I rarely saw her) and I could go visit our friend Chad. And now Cathleen has to comfort me and Chad has to put up with both of us. So we did the best thing we could think of. We cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and cooked dinner. In order to cook dinner, we needed ingredients. There was nothing in the fridge. So bachelor-esque. We turned to our good friend Google Maps. We tracked down a grocery store and the best public transportation route to get us there.

We were completely nuts. We still are. It’s okay though.

I was still a shell of the me that had arrived. Robert had successfully stolen my heart away. I didn’t even know how long it would be until I saw him again. I decided I would go visit him in April if I could get the money and the blessing from my mom. I was 19, I didn’t exactly need her permission to go, but I still lived with her and it would make things a lot easier.

My flight home was awful. After it’s 2 year absence, Aunt Flo reminded me just why I was supposed to hate her so much. I arrived at the Saskatoon airport and i was barely holding myself together. I sat and waited for whoever it was that was supposed to pick me up. Nobody showed. I waited 30 minutes. I finally just took a cab home and spent the last of my money. Nobody was home, either. I felt completely abandoned. I was totally over-reacting and I knew it but I couldn’t stop myself.

I crawled into my bed, fully clothed, and slept for the next 16 hours.

I woke the next morning and began making plans to visit Robert in April. Not even 6 weeks away.

When Robert and I started planning my trip, we’d initially decided that I’d stay in a hotel room. This was fine with me. I wouldn’t be spending a lot of time there anyway. My mom threw a fit. Apparently she thought that Robert and I would enter this hotel room and not leave for three days, turning it in to some kind of den of sexual pleasure. It was a deal-breaker. Our only other option was for me to stay with him. At his parent’s house. He’d been staying there to get his student loan paid down. This, my mom was okay with. It didn’t matter to me in the end, as long as it meant I got to see Robert again. Soon, the plane tickets were booked and I was able to sleep better knowing I’d be seeing Robert again soon.

For some reason, when it came time for me to go. I got incredibly nervous. Possibly more nervous than I’d been before my trip to Dallas. There was no mutual meeting place this time. There were no buffers. It was just going to be the two of us for four days. What if it was a disaster like last time? I didn’t know if I could go through that push-pull again and make it out in one piece.

And I would have to go through customs again.


How far would you like me to continue this story? Would you like me to include everything up until we get married? Some choice events? Do you want me to stop torturing you RIGHT NOW?


9 Responses to “How I Married Myself, Part Six.”

  1. Angela S Says:

    Everything up til you get married and “Live happily ever after.”

  2. That Kind Of Girl Says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this story! It really does feel like a tortuous cliffhanger — even though I know it has a happy ending! I’ve been thinking about this series ever since I started reading it. One of my favorite parts about the way you’re writing it is that there’s so much detail in each section that I feel like I’m living it. This story is making my heart flutter!

    Keep writing it just the way you are! I love it!

  3. LBurt Says:

    Everything til you get married!

  4. Shannon Says:

    How about until you make the decision to move to Texas?

  5. Ange Says:

    Until the present! Loving this story! 🙂

  6. Alexandra Says:

    Love reading your story! share all the details up to the wedding! even more. I am so happy for you that you have found such happiness with your Robert, your son James, and a new little one on the way (you look stunning by the way in that preggy photo I saw on the side on flickr!) do you know yet if it is a boy or girl? how far along are you actually? there is so much love radiating from you and through your family, it’s just beautiful!

  7. becauseweseperate Says:

    I WANT ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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