Girl Talk Thursday: Olympic champions…maybe.

I spent all morning thinking about what I could win a gold medal for. Maybe I can win it for this? No, that’s stupid. Surely there is someone better at that than I am. Well what about this?  Maybe. But I could also win it for this? No. I don’t know.  I can’t decide. And that’s when it hit me.

I think, but I’m not sure, that I could probably win a Gold medal for INDECISIVENESS.

I would start out my run with my loving husband by my side. We would be running errands and hungry… this is how it would go down.

Are you hungry?


What do you want to eat?

I don’t know. What do YOU want to eat?

Dammit I asked you first.

Why are you leaving it up to me? You know I have a hard time deciding these things!

Well do you want Italian food?


Do you want Mexican food?

Kinda…what do you want?

I’m asking YOU!

But WHY are you asking ME??? When you know I like pretty much everything anyway!!

Then we’ll go get seafood



and just when I’m ready to beat my head against the dashboard until I make up my freaking mind Robert would say “well we could always just go home and eat!”  And a strange thing happens. I suddenly kinda maybe want Italian food.

So maybe I win a gold medal for indecisiveness. I don’t know. I can’t decide.


10 Responses to “Girl Talk Thursday: Olympic champions…maybe.”

  1. thepsychobabble Says:

    I love it. Congratulations. Maybe:)

  2. Brittany Says:

    If you’re winning the gold for this my husband is finishing in a close 2nd for the silver haha. I swear we have conversations like that on a regular baisis.

  3. Mary Jo Says:

    We have this conversation all of the time. Except I always seem to choose the opposite of what he suggests. And that whole eating at home? Always helps us decide.

  4. Cluttered Brain Says:

    HA! That sounds like conversations between my hubby and me. EXCEPT he is the indecisive one.

    LOVE it.
    Awesome post.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    LOL, love it! This is one that I could compete in. I think.

  6. Ronnica Says:

    LOL I’m not indecisive often, but I do change my mind ALL THE TIME.

  7. Diane Says:

    Hahahahahha. That conversation has taken place here many times. Oddly enough, I tend to opt for going home and scrounging in the cupboards. Because there’s no menu! And menus just mean more damned decisions.

  8. Caity Says:

    Haha you are so adorable. I love it. Especially the last sentence. It made me giggle.

  9. Angi Says:

    AWESOME! Decidedly, awesome!


  10. Stacy Says:

    Muah! I’d go cheer for you. Hold up a big Texan/American/Canadian flag and beat up the people cheering for the other guys.


    Sorry I didn’t get your facebook message. I’m glad you got the flowers, though. They called and there seemed to be a threat that they wouldn’t arrive. Mom filled me in post-V-day though. I love you lots.

    Sorry I’m not around so much. :/

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