16 things I am thankful for.

I decided I was going to “cop out” and make a point form list of things I was thankful for. I couldn’t decide on a number but I was willing to do up to 50 (even if it took me all night and I started to say I was thankful for peanut M&Ms) So I tweeted for someone to pick a number between one and 50 and I would accept the first reply. The first reply was @ladybugsgrama with 16. So here it goes.

16 Things I am Thankful For.

1. Peanut M&M’s – because right now they are holding my chocolate craving from making my head explode.

2. Music.

3. That my husband does the dishes most of the time. – (even if it’s because I’ll ignore them until a] he does them or b] my house starts to smell)

4. Angelia‘s boobs. What else can I say?

5. My beautiful son (even when he bites me on the boob when he hugs me. What a butthead. A beautiful butthead, nonetheless….just like his daddy)

6. Coffee. I believe this one doesn’t need an explanation.

7. Lounge pants. Because sometimes I just want to either a]be lazy or b] eat a lot.

8. Twitter. It sounds silly but I have met a lot of wonderful people on Twitter that I am proud to call my friends.

9. Zumba. I’m thankful for Zumba because when I’m finished with my peanut M&M’s and I’m through wearing my lounge pants for the sole purpose of overeating, Zumba is my damage control.

10. Lady Gaga. Because it takes another sexy confident woman who lives her life in complete excess for me to think maybe I could be a sexy confident woman. One day the lady gaga in me will be awakened and you all better watch out.

11. My husband. He is my rock. My soulmate. My cornerstone. My support. My grizzly bear. And I love him. I love him. I love him. This is the one thing I know for sure. I know that I love my husband.

12. Underestimation. I am frequently overlooked and underestimated. Many people would find this to be simply debilitating to their self worth, and I’m not going to lie, it hurts me some days too. But some days, I am thankful that I am able to change people’s perceptions of me.

13. I am extremely thankful that the experiences I’ve had in my life did not permanently turn me into a hard, empty, and bitter person.

14. I am thankful for cake. Not only because it is delicious, but also because it means I have a job.

15. I am thankful for Google.

16. I am thankful that when Robert and I are watching TV, he always hands me the remote.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


5 Responses to “16 things I am thankful for.”

  1. Angela S Says:

    Aww I love these. They were touching and beautiful. 🙂

  2. Caity Says:

    You are so cute. Lady Gaga? And not Caitlin? Pfffft.
    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear. ❤

  3. PrincessJenn Says:

    I love peanut M&M’s, Angelia’s boobs, and you

  4. Stacy Says:

    I’m thankful for you.
    (I had peanut m&ms at my birthday movie!)

  5. Sara@heartmychloe Says:

    i am thankful for YOU!

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