My son is a climber.
It was sudden. I don’t know when it happened. One day he can barely sit in his toddler chair, the next day he’s climbing onto the sofa with no trouble at all.

This evening, after a rather difficult weekend at work, I was cleaning up from dinner. I was standing at the dining room table talking with Robert while James watched TV in the living room (within plain sight of the dining room). It doesn’t matter what we were talking about, I don’t remember. I suddenly noticed James was sitting on top of the glass-top sofa side table. And he’s playing with…What the fuck!?

I rushed over to the table saying “James! James! Give it to mommy! GIVE IT TO MOMMY!”

Someone had left a water glass on the side coffee table and James had started to chew on it. Which would normally not be cause for so much alarm. Except this particular water glass had broken into three pieces after being tipped over on the table. (stupid cheap glasses) and my son had a piece of broken glass in his mouth. It wasn’t small, it was large. He was holding it and biting (thankfully) the smooth edge of the rim.

I carefully took all three pieces away from him, took him into his room where I changed his clothes (which were now soaked from the water spilled all over the place), his diaper, and searched frantically for any scrapes or bruises. I only found one tiny little cut on his knuckle. the corner of his mouth looked a little irritated but the skin was not broken.

But I was broken.

Every parent has their own personal “I can’t believe I let that happen” story and I’ve been told 4 of them tonight alone. I’m sorry to say that, for now, it doesn’t make me feel better. Yes I’m relieved he didn’t injure himself. Yes I’m sure everyone in this house will be more careful with their selection of drinkware. (most of us are using plastic cups….I’m just sayin…it narrows the suspect list) Yes I’m sure worse things have happened. But I still can’t look myself in the mirror right now.

By the way, I took a pregnancy test last wednesday and it was negative. But I’m now one week late from the rough schedule my body had been using. I don’t know what I should do.


6 Responses to “GIVE IT TO MOMMY!!!!”

  1. Amy Says:

    You are a great mom. You were taking care of other things that needed to be done, and it isn’t reasonable to think that you can keep an eye on him EVERY second.

    My mom tells the story of the time she slammed the minivan door shut on my three year old brother’s hand. He just cried, looked at her with tears in his eyes & said, “Momma, whydid you do that?” Heartbreaking.

    My brother still grew up to be a (mostly) productive member of society, and your boy will too. Cut yourself some slack, love.:)

    • leighish29 Says:

      Thanks Amy. I realize I’m probably way overreacting which I have the tendency to do but I just had my head full of images of what could have happened and ugh.

  2. Stacy Says:

    A great mom wouldn’t worry so much. I can tell you lots of stories from our childhoods (three siblings) and we all turned out well-rounded, and maybe even better for them.

    He’s developing ninja skills now, what with the climbing. Now you just need to be more ninja than him. ❤

  3. Ash Says:

    Hey there.

    Wow! I’m glad everything is okay! You are a great mom Ash and we sometimes learn from our mistakes. Even if it wasn’t your fault! You know? Plastic cups will be in style for the remaining of his toddler years 🙂 But it’s okay! I’m the clumsy one so we definitely use plastic cups all the time! lol. I’ve had my share of “holy crap that shouldn’t have happened” stories. And no their not pleasant but things happen to us moms that maybe others haven’t gone thru and some have.

    But you’re a fabulous mom! Don’t worry about it. I like what Stacy just said “He’s developing ninja skills now, what with the climbing. Now you just need to be more ninja than him” oh yey!

  4. Caity Says:

    Aww Ashleigh you are the best mom I know. Accidents happen and in this case, absolutely nothing did happen! You prevented anything bad from happening because you were watching your son! Toddlers can get into trouble in under 2 seconds! It’s what they do! Give yourself a pat on the back for staying a step ahead. *hugs*

  5. XandraExpressions Says:

    Good for you for being so alert from another room and reacting so quickly! We all have our ‘how could I let that happen’ stories as mothers. Wait till child number 2 arrives, oh how your senses will enhance ever more! My son is also climbing and honing his stunt man skills, we can only do the best we can, and that does not diminish us as mothers! We would be unfeeling mothers if we felt no guilt after something like this happens!

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