A couple of months ago (August) a co-worker was retiring and I wanted to make her a gift. This involved printing out a picture of a large mouth bass fish on some card stock.

Like so.

Eventually we just had a card stock bass fish lying around on the computer desk until one day, Robert put it in the Dr Pepper box in the fridge. So that when I would go to get a DP, there would be a fish jumping out of the box. Haha. I didn’t say anything, I just moved the fish elsewhere. We went back and forth trying to “out do” each other for a little while. The fish would be in the microwave, in the tool box, in the medicine cabinet, in the breast pocket of a shirt he would eventually wear. We never spoke of it, it was just something we did.  I hadn’t seen the fish for a couple of weeks so I was pretty sure either it was laying at the bottom of the closet, forgotten, or that Robert had come up with an extremely good hiding place.  Last thursday I reached under the bathroom vanity to get to my box of pantiliners. I knew I was running short. I reached in to count. “1….2…….wait…is that a leaflet?”  and to my surprise I pulled out the fish. Pretty good Rob, pretty good. I wanted to put it somewhere obvious so he would know that I finally found it. I neatly tucked it into the fly of a pair of his boxers.

Last night after a workout, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything. I reached into the freezer and pulled out a Lean Cuisine. I stood there talking to robert while I opened it and he got this strange look on his face. I tore the box open and pulled out the entree.

The fish was taped to the protective film.

My husband carefully opened the entree box, taped the fish to the film, and GLUED THE END OF THE BOX BACK TOGETHER.




7 Responses to “Games.”

  1. angelia_t Says:

    Priceless! He’s a keeper, honey.

  2. Angela S Says:

    That is SO cute. I loved this entry so much. The entry gave me a much-needed laugh. 😀

  3. Angi Says:

    AWESOME!!! I love it!

  4. Trish Says:


  5. AJastray Says:

    Robert won 😛

  6. XandraExpressions Says:

    what cute fun !

  7. Twyla Says:

    SO AWESOME. Paul and I are probably going to do stuff like that, too 😀

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