Girl Talk Thursday: “Folding is for SUCKERS!”

I will never forget the first time I was able to buy my own underwear. I don’t mean choosing between two packages of Hanes (prints or solids? I went prints every time.) I mean taking my own money and leering over neatly arranged tables of panties of all shapes and sizes.  We didn’t have Victoria’s Secret where I grew up. We had a similar store called La Senza that, turns out, is pretty much the same damn thing.  I remember having a love/hate relationship with the concept of cute underwear. I loved cute underwear because it fit in with my personality. I hated cute underwear because they were almost never in my size.  Most of my life, I was a big girl. Okay, I’ll cut the crap. I was a fattie.  Fat girls don’t often get to wear cute underwear off the neatly arranged tables of Victoria’s Secret. I took whatever I could get.  After I met Robert, I began looking more toward the lingerie areas of the store. Suffice it to say, I took whatever I could get there, also.  I spent a lot of my life settling for whatever they had in my size because I didn’t want to go back to wal-mart underwear.  When I moved to TX, at some point I needed new bras. I was a 42 C which was an odd size to come by. Until it dawned on me to order over the internet. I found Frederick’s of Hollywood! Amid all the sleazy and tacky garments on FoH, I found plus sized bras, panties, and even lingerie. Woohoo! I’m in fat girl underwear heaven!

When I was pregnant with James, I could no longer wear most of the cute panties I had acquired over the years. When I was healing from my C-section, I bought hi-cut briefs to help hold everything in place. And thus I had reverted back to Hanes. I gained weight and expanded to a 44C cup and a Hanes size nine.  When I had to buy a maternity swimsuit six months post-partum, I’d hit my tipping point. I was going to lose weight once and for all. And this time, I mean it! For real. No joke.

I will never forget the day I bought my first bra from Victoria’s Secret in a 36B. I took it out of the packaging (online shopping) and held it up. It looked so small.  so tiny.  I hope I can return it. I better try it anyway.  It fit. Perfectly. What about the matching medium panties? Perfect. the right level of taught. No red marks or overstretched fabric.  I had changed my entire body over the course of 8 months (I’ve been plateauing for six months) and only now was it really clear to me. Sure, I appreciated the emerging of my bones. I enjoyed my armpits actually being pits. Heck, I was overjoyed when my thighs no longer touched. But this? my underwear? I couldn’t bear it. I cried tears of joy.  I walked around in my underwear all day (much to the amusement of my then 13 month old son). I wanted to go running down the street shouting “Look everyone!! I can wear cute underwear!”

My drawer runneth over with panties. My postpartum hanes have been demoted to my period panties. I even still have a few choice pairs from my La Senza days.  My Fredericks garb is long gone with the exception of a few pieces of lingerie that still fit (which is somewhat alarming…). All the panties that remain (and the pairs I have replaced them with) are stuffed into the underwear drawer that Robert and I share. I am basically taking over.  I don’t waste my time folding my panties because I’m going to dig through them on a daily basis. Open my drawer right now and this is what you will see….


Judge me about my Pink Leopard print all you want, but you should know I have two more pairs in lime green and aquamarine.

The aquamarine has zebra stripes.



16 Responses to “Girl Talk Thursday: “Folding is for SUCKERS!””

  1. Kelly Says:

    Rock on with the aquamarine zebra stripes. Underpants *should* make you happy! Also, my underthings take up three drawers. My husband gets one… for his entire collection. Sad, isn’t it?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I love pink leopard print underwear!

    And I still have the oversized, huge grandma-esque underwear leftover from my c-section hidden in the back of my drawer. It’s for really crappy emergencies.

  3. AJastray Says:

    You realize you probably should have found a way to block me from viewing this right?


  4. Cheryl Says:

    I am SO glad to know I’m not the only one with “period panties.” Woot! 🙂 I don’t fold my undies either.. .it feels like such a waste of time. And I love the leopard print!

    • leighish29 Says:

      I thought every woman had period panties?! I want to meet the girl who wears her cutest panties even when it’s that time of the month. What the heck is SHE thinking?

  5. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    My mom used to go batty when I’d pick the prints, something about not knowing which pile to sort them when doing the laundry? (“Colours? Whites? GAH!”)

  6. messponential Says:

    rock the bright animal prints babe! i am going to have to go get some, they’re too cute!

    • leighish29 Says:

      The animal prints actually came from La Senza when I was in high school. They hardly fit me now but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them!!!

  7. viastt Says:

    I’m loving the panties post because I’m someone who has a 3 drawers of underwear but I feel I must make a confession………
    Not only do I fold mine, I iron them too!

  8. Stacy Says:

    You know, going to La Senza Boxing Day sales was the only real time I got to shop for undies without my mom doing it for me.

    Big step. I *still* have some of those bras.

  9. Caity Says:

    Awesome post!! 😀
    I love how you pointed to Robert’s favorite. I’m sure he loves that. 😛

  10. XandraExpressions Says:

    hey Foxy Lady! tell me what panties you wear and I will tell you who you are! You go girl!! you reveal your true colors (and prints!), power to you !

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