Wordless Wednesday (progress)


Our wedding day, 11-23-2005. My wedding dress was a size 24.


September 6 2008, size 16. 33 lbs lost.


Today. 80 lbs lost. Size 8.



11 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday (progress)”

  1. nic @mybottlesup Says:

    holy shmokes woman!!! rawr!!!!

  2. XandraExpressions Says:

    WOW !! that is amazing, bravo, well done ! good for you, you must feel like a star, like a diva, like a queen!! what an inspiration, what a role-model!

  3. Jamie Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe y’all have been married almost 4 years now. It doesn’t seem that long!!

    You look good, girl! I wish I had your devotion!

  4. PrincessJenn Says:

    You rock my world. I love that you posted these pics.
    And girl, you are looking HAWT!

  5. That Kind of Girl Says:

    Geez. You’re absolutely stunning.

    Also, I’ve been following your weight loss journey since you started your 3fc blog, and I’ve got to say, your willpower is positively remarkable. This post is a huge shot of inspiration!

  6. Stacy Says:

    (But you always were to me.)

  7. Patty Says:

    Hey, Girl!
    Thought I’d just pop in to see how you’re doing and it look like you’re doing FABULOUS! Way to go, Sweetie!


    • leighish29 Says:

      Oh how I’ve missed you! I feel so badly for not keeping up with my girls. I briefly read your blog the other day and it seems like so much has happened. I hope things work out for you and your family. You deserve great things!!

  8. Vixen Says:

    Amazing! Keep up the great job. You rock.

  9. Caity Says:

    Gorgeous then. Gorgeous now. I heart you. You’re just beautiful inside and out.

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