Taking the plunge.

One thing you should know about me is that I sorely dislike telephoning anyone. And I do mean, anyone.  I don’t want to bother anyone. I even work myself into a tizzy just trying to schedule a hair appointment.  I’ve been getting myself psyched up over the last two weeks to call and make an appointment with a *new* OBGYN.  For the longest time I hadn’t been able to do so because I could not locate my insurance card. I finally found it. I officially had no more excuses. Today I finally sat down with my telephone, my insurance card, a notepad, and a pen. I was ready and I was going to do this, dammit! But first, James needs his well-child checkup. I need a soda. I wonder if I have any email. Okay. Going to call.

I call the number for the office and dial 0 to talk to a real person. I am asked about my insurance provider and I can’t completely answer their questions. I am instructed to call the insurance company and confirm that their office accepts my insurance. I don’t call. I look online. Woohoo. I call the office back. I am given ANOTHER 1-800 number to book an appointment with Dr. New. I call this 1-800 number and am informed that even though I did check online, I REALLY NEED to call the number on the back of my card because many of the online directories are OUTDATED and if I belong to an HMO they do NOT take my insurance though I’m pretty sure I’m with a PPO.  But we made the appointment anyway for late October with Dr. New so I have a couple of weeks to work up the guts to call my insurance company. So if you’re keeping track, that was 4 phone calls I made today. After hanging up on the “I book your appointments” line, I kind of yelled a little bit. Augggghhhhhh!!!! Sooo glad that’s over.

Today I bought a Basal thermometer and a small daily planner so I can begin charting and keeping track of my body’s behaviour. It’s definitely a step in the right direction. I have almost exactly 6 weeks before my appointment so I can have almost exactly 6 weeks worth of data to see if ANY kind of pattern develops. I’ve already jotted down the date I stopped taking the pill (august 2nd), the approximate date of my last ovulation (august 14th!!!) and the start date of my last period (August 31st). I am sure that I will not have another period before my appointment with Dr. New.  I admit I’m somewhat pessimistic about the chance of a developing pattern in my bbt over the next almost exactly six weeks. Though, I am trying to further educate myself about the processes my body goes through. I am trying to learn because the more I learn, the more at ease I feel about the whole thing.  What I need to learn now are the whats hows whys wheres and whens about the state of my uterus.  I am aware there are fibroids in my uterus. THAT. is ALL. I know.  I do not know what kind they are. I do not know how big they are. I do not know how many there are. I do not know where specifically they are located. All I know is that they exist. And I hate that. That is why I am seeing Dr. New instead of Dr. Way-Too-Busy-to-Answer-ANY-of-your-Questions (even though I asked if you had any.)

I am interested in any suggestions any of you may have that may help me on my quest. I am not wanting to become pregnant until late november at the very earliest.  Late January or early February would be ideal in a selfish point of view (re: maternity leave for halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas). I’m hoping we can get enough sorted by then. Ideally I would like to be able to conceive without any further assistance such as Clomid. I’m not opposed to clomid, but the rate of 10-12% of women becoming pregnant with twins…well…that number is a little high for my tastes.

So now the big question. Will James be potty trained by the time number 2 comes along?


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4 Responses to “Taking the plunge.”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    I am the SAME WAY about telephoning, I hate phoning people! rather send an email or even ‘go in person’ to make an appt.
    I am not sure I have any suggestions to give, but all I would say is stay hopeful and positive and don’t stress too much on it, just relax and let it happen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I have started potty training my two year old and boys take longer than girls, it usually will take a good year for them to be *totally* potty trained…. good luck with the initiation process for James…

  2. Stacy Says:

    Good on you for taking a step into “phone” territory. Sometimes it’s frustrating, having to communicate with a) strangers b) someone you can’t see.

    But you needed to get a job done, and you stepped into the unknown to do it. Kick ass!

    Also, good luck with baby! I’m cheering for you guys.

  3. Stacy Says:

    (Though I’m not cheering for you guys in a “standing in the bedroom” kind of way. That’d be creepy…)

  4. blueiris6 Says:

    I found you from 3FC, hehe – anyway, I saw that you are starting to track your temp – have you seen the book called “Taking charge of your fertility”? It goes into large amounts of easy to read detail about how to track more than just your temperature and apparently if you follow it exactly it has a high rate of success either with birth control or with achieving pregnancy. Look it up at the library or on Amazon – I highly recommend it!

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