Medical Mystery (part deux)

So today we whisked James away to Texas’ Children’s Hospital for an ultrasound on his finger.  He was remarkably calm while in the waiting room and on the way through the hospital, but once we entered the exam room, the waterworks started. He was crying and gasping and freaking out so much that for a second there, I thought he might faint or have a seizure.  I still don’t really know what is going on with it.  But I briefly daydreamed about the last time I was around an ultrasound machine. And then at the mall I saw a pair of infant twin girls in a dual stroller and my uterus started to twinge again. SIGH.

I was considering getting a massage today while at the mall in Houston, but I decided against it. First of all, it’s tax-free shopping days so the mall was a crazy house. And second of all, the closer I have it done to home, the less time I have to spend in the car dealing with traffic and whatnot. Rob suggested I just sit in one of those chairs and let them give me a massage in the middle of the food court but if I’m going to spend money on a massage, I want it done right. I’ll spend an extra $12.00 to have my privacy and my comforting atmosphere THANK YOU!

But I did buy some underwear at Victoria’s Secret. Tax free panties! I also bought a bottle of massage oil. I wonder if the guy (yes, guy) that cashed me out at Victoria’s Secret is ever mildly aroused by the items that women buy.

I’d like to say that it was a good day, all in all, but I can’t say that. I’m completely exhausted and James is running a fever. I have to work tomorrow and I haven’t washed my uniform.  A thunderstorm is rolling in (the same one we drove through on our way home) and this entry lost steam a LONG time ago.

Here comes the rain again, leaking through the roof like a complete pain in the ass.


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8 Responses to “Medical Mystery (part deux)”

  1. AJastray Says:

    I am not sure why… but this made my laugh… out loud… and hard…

    I think its the way you write and I can just see you in my head saying this… lol

    *hugs* Just breathe… it makes everything seem less… well less lol

  2. Caity Says:

    You are too cute Ashleigh. Now come back here and we can go to that spa again and get massages. That was fun. I definitely think the atmosphere makes a difference. I couldn’t do it in the middle of the mall.

    I hope everything with James’ finger turns out okay.

  3. Sean Says:

    I didn’t think guys could work at Victoria’s Secret just like they couldn’t work at Hooters.

    Tax free shopping is something I always took for granted. In NJ clothes are tax free and in Delaware everything is tax free. Now that I am in NY I need to pay for everything.

  4. XandraExpressions Says:

    Hope James’ finger is ok. My friend’s son has the same thing, the doc. says it’s ‘normal’ and not to ‘worry’. it hasn’t changed though and he is two now… I wonder if she should get a second opinion… thanks for sharing, hope VS shopping was fun, I have never seen a guy *working* there…. what are his ulterior motives huh?

    • leighish29 Says:

      Well, the dermatologist had no idea what it was and she explained what it wasn’t so I don’t know! Perhaps your friend could use a second opinion if it’s bothering him.

  5. Kimberly Says:

    I hope James’ finger is ok.
    And mmmmm massages… sounds good to me.

  6. Stacy Says:

    You guys get tax free shopping days?

    I hope the mystery of the finger is solved smoothly. :] And yes, envy for your storm. We’ve been remarkably dry for storms here. Lots of rain when we have it, but nothing else.

    • leighish29 Says:

      For clothing and school supplies, yes. Usually the weekend before school starts. I don’t recommend going to walmart. Oy.

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