come and knock on our door…

Yesterday morning when I reported to work at 6:00am I was pleased to be working with my dear friend L. L is a single mom who was recently out with a back injury for six weeks. Seems the 6 weeks with no income has taken it’s toll as she has been evicted from her apartment. She was telling me all of this and lamenting that she wasn’t sure yet where she was going to stay. I told her, nay, insisted that she and her youngest (age 12) stay with us.

So for the next little while, my presence on the internet is going to be somewhat diminished as I’m going to be having two new room-mates for an undetermined amount of time.

So a few bits of news.

I finally have a doctor!  In the almost 4 years I have been living here I have not had a Dr. General and now I do! On Sept 24th I’m going to have a complete exam which will help determine if the rest of my body (not the uterus) can handle being pregnant any time soon. I’ve still been having a severe issue with being lightheaded and dizzy all the time.  I get tingly and start to feel like I may black out. Probably not good. Will soon also be finding a new obgyn.  I think I know which clinic I am going to but there are like 5 doctors and I’m not sure who I’ll end up with. It’s a branch of the Woman’s Hospital of Texas. So I’ll get to deliver there instead of some po-dunk community hospital.

James has his ultrasound at Texas Children’s Hospital on friday afternoon. We will be one step closer to our son having a growth-free finger. Yay. I’ll miss his bump but I’ll get over it.

And, I want to eat everything in sight. Stress, yay.


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4 Responses to “come and knock on our door…”

  1. AJastray Says:

    You are so nice to help out your co-worker like that.

    And yay for your doctor! =D maybe no more purple Ashleigh in the lake 😉

  2. Caity Says:

    I think it is so absolutely awesome of you to take in your coworker like that. You are such a wonderful person. I love you so much. I hope that everything goes well.

    Yay for having a doctor! I am really hoping that everything goes well with your exam and you get the news that you’re hoping for regarding whether or not you can try again for baby number 2.

    I hope that they can get James’ finger all growth-free!

  3. beerab Says:

    Dizziness for extended periods of time- do you have any family member with MS?

    My husband was having these dizzy spells for a month and finally I demanded he see a neurologist (to his primary) and after a CT scan and MRI AND spinal tap it was confirmed he had Multiple Sclerosis.

    I don’t want to say it to scare you just inform you- maybe you could look up MS and see if you have the symptoms. Good luck! I hope I’m totally wrong.

  4. Angela Says:

    Well, good that you have found a doctor! And hopefully the new roommates will be a good thing and not an annoyance. 😉

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