The stress list.

This is a list of all the things could possibly be stressing me out. Maybe if I write it down it will seem less daunting.

The trip. Work. Laundry. Dirty House. Tumors in my uterus. Sex. Shaving my legs. Motherhood. Being stressed out. Marriage. Money. My diet. My son throwing his toys over the gate. Packing clothes. Cake. Plumbing problems. Customs and Border Patrol. The weather. Heather Spohr’s pregnancy (I can’t help it. I’m worried to tears). My son watching too much tv. Speech therapy. Leaky roof. Family photos. Dad’s new girlfriend. My skin. The phone bill. Adoption. My boss. My ex boyfriend. The Wonderpets. My Doctor. My birth control pills. My hands and feet falling asleep all the time. This damn zit above my eyebrow. Pregnancy. Salvador Dali.

See? It seems sillier already. So why do I feel so physically ill?

I’m going to start by shaving my legs and throwing those damn toys back over the gate.



4 Responses to “The stress list.”

  1. Caity Says:

    Aww hun. I love you. I hope that the stress goes away. <3<3

  2. Stacy Says:

  3. Alexandra Says:

    Hi ! Just came across your blog and read through the passed posts – I love it! will log back on for more ! I am a mommy to 2 boys (2year & 7month) and I can relate to your stress list and prep before a trip. we are currently preparing a move and I just had my wisdom teeth pulled out! thanks for sharing ! cheers & ciao

  4. Stress List 2.0 « Leigh's Blog Says:

    […] couple of years ago (has it been that long?) I blogged a list of all the items circling my brain just to try put some of them to rest. It actually worked out […]

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