18 months.


18 months ago today I became a big zero. All of the sudden, nothing in life was about me anymore. Everything was about him. My James. My pooh bear. It’s kind of astonishing to me, even now, that he’s grown up so quickly. I got him a cupcake and a balloon at work today because I’m very sentimental. My boss asked me who it was for and when I explained that it was James’ 18 month mark (Which is a big deal, okay?) He said “Sheesh, Kid’s gonna be graduating next year!” I’m sure it was a little tongue in cheek humour at my expense, but with the way time has gone by, Yeah. He is going to graduate next year.

Rob recently caved in and bought a video camera so we can record some of pooh bear’s antics. We recorded a video of us presenting him with his portion of the cupcake. Excuse my wardrobe disarray, I tend to change my clothes into something as comfortable as possible when I get home from work (if I’m not planning on going out later)

Love my poohbear.



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3 Responses to “18 months.”

  1. Caity Says:

    Ashleigh. You are SO CUTE. And James is so freaking adorable. I seriously love you guys. ❤

    Hey Rob! Nice filming there!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I like how he is just like MOM I’M BUSY WITH MAH CUPCAKE. So cute. ❤

  3. beerab Says:

    I think he was saying “Don’t talk to me I’m eating.” lol

    So cute!

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