Little House on the Prairie.

Growing up in Saskatchewan made me who I am today. I love Saskatchewan with all of my heart and I miss it terribly. The good news is, I’m terrifically happy in Texas. After all, Texas is where my own family lives. The heart of Texas is deep in my heart, right beside Saskatchewan. Texas may be big, but Saskatchewan can give it a good run for it’s money when it comes to taking up space in my heart. What a terrible paragraph that was. Anyway.

This time next week I will be relaxing in our family’s (almost) lakeside cabin in Cochin, Saskatchewan. A tiny village with a population that reaches ALMOST 2500 during the summer. I am so excited to kick off my shoes and lounge around without it being 105 degrees outside. I will get a break from not only my work place, but I will also get a nice break from the oppressive heat that seems to be hovering over South Texas right now.

My excitement over this trip by far outweighs my anxiety about the whole thing. My anxiety mostly stems from having to take James and all of his crap on the plane. Does anyone have any good advice for taking a toddler on a plane? My husband is freaking out which makes ME freak out. Must remain calm. Maybe I will order some wine on the flight. For me, not for James. Do you think they’d judge me for drinking at 9:00am? Nah, probably not worth the 8 dollars.





2 Responses to “Little House on the Prairie.”

  1. Caity Says:

    Aww I am so excited for you and your trip! I am sure you will have an amazing time. I thought that first paragraph was sweet. 🙂

    I don’t really have any advice about toddlers on planes but I’m sending you good vibes about it going well. Just relax and be excited. I’m sure James will pick up on the excitement.

  2. beerab Says:

    Here’s what I found through google:

    Has tons of great tips!

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