I can be your long lost pal

First of all I want to extend a lot of love to Heather and Mike Spohr.

I don’t have much of substance to update about today. Yesterday I was 90% sure I was finally about to experience my first uninfluenced visit from Aunt Flo but all the “sure signs” seemed to have disappeared for now. If it’s in the cards, I would rather get it out of the way BEFORE our trip to Canada next week. Holy Smokers, did I say next week?! I have so much left to do!!

We took a trip out to the beach on Saturday evening. My sister in law is in town so we had all four babies together for the first time in a little while. We took a lot of pictures and ate a lot of hot dogs.

I don’t know whether or not I’m going to be able to blog daily (Monday through friday) while we are in Canada. Not that it matters much to the three people reading this blog. I would like to keep up with the goings on but it might be close to impossible. So if I miss anything important, somebody has to let me know.

I’m really excited about this trip. I haven’t been to Canada since I was 6 months pregnant with James. A lot has changed since then. But at the same time, I’m having a little bit of anxiety about the whole thing.


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One Response to “I can be your long lost pal”

  1. Caity Says:

    Oh hun I hope you have an amazing trip to Canada! I will miss you and I hope to hear all about it. That picture is adorable, by the way! 😀

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