Happy Birthday Papo!

Today was my Father In Law’s birthday. After work, we all gathered at my brother in law’s house to eat lasagna and pineapple upside down cake.

Pineapple upside down cake.
om nom nom.

James normally is in bed before 9:00pm (or, as soon as Blue’s Clues is over) and the night started to move on past 9pm, past 9:30pm, past 10pm, even past 10:30pm and James was still playing up a storm with his older cousins. It was nice to be able to hang out at a family function past 8:30 but at the same time, I was starting to get tired. I can’t believe I’m actually still blogging tonight considering I have to work early tomorrow.

Speaking of work, I hate it. I hate being away from James so much. I feel like it’s really put a damper on our relationship. Sometimes I really and truly feel like a bad mother when I get home from work because I need a little bit of time to unwind before I can even deal with a toddler. I know he’s not going to remember this when he is older, but I certainly will.

This entry is a little bit scattered mostly because I’m exhausted and my day was relatively uneventful. However, I did promise Princess Jenn that I would blog about my arms and how I got them to be so toned. The method is as follows. a) do a LOT of heavy lifting at work and do it often. b)The 30 Day Shred. I never completed the full 30 days but I did those damn pushups so many times… c) sheer dumb luck.

Goodnight folks and have a pleasant weekend!



One Response to “Happy Birthday Papo!”

  1. Caity Says:

    That cake looks so good. I’m glad you got to go out and have fun and that James had a good time with his cousins. I’m sorry that work has been so time consuming lately. *hugs*

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